Welcome to Zenergie Meditation, where learning to meditate and thus transforming your life in remarkable ways has never been easier.

Life is becoming exponentially more stressful and challenging, and it has never been as important as it right now, to make our physical, mental and emotional well-being a priority.

Meditating twice a day for twenty minutes has been well documented by a wealth of research and study spanning decades, to help you feel calmer and happier, look more vibrant and healthy, sleep better, have more energy, and even improve your general performance in life.

The Zenergie Meditation technique is an empowering daily wellness practice to dissolve deep rooted stress and tension in the mind, body and nervous system.

This is not “guided meditation” this is the real deal..

The origins of Zenergie Meditation are steeped in ancient Eastern wisdom and over twenty five years of personal experience in mind/body wellness practices.

The technique is super easy to learn and put into practice, and will have a positive impact on every aspect of both your professional and personal life.

Zenergie Meditation cultivates the quality of mindfulness, so that the light of your awareness is able to shine more brightly, and you experience life more fully and joyfully, from a place of presence and appreciation.

It’s no big secret these days that success and fulfilment are an “inside job” and that your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world.

When you radiate inner peace, genuine confidence and happiness, you generally tend to attract the kind of people, opportunities and experiences that reflect that.

Although that is not to say you’ll never experience any sort of adversity when you commit to a daily meditation practice, but you will definitely be blessed with the increased emotional resilience and good grace to be more creative and less “reactive” when dealing with the inevitable challenges of life.

Our mission and passion at Zenergie Meditation is to make this profoundly effective wellness practice easily and readily available to everybody, so that you too can experience more ease, and less stress, to do what you do best.. And so that your positive energy radiates outwardly and contributes to a slightly more calmer, compassionate and mindful planet.

And let’s face it.. our world can certainly use all the calm and compassion she can get in these challenging times.

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